I'm currently running about a dozen lists using Mailman 2.1.4, which
came pre-installed on my Apple XServe with Panther OS 10.3.9. I see
this list and other lists are using 2.1.6, but I couldn't find
information on the Mailman site about what the changes are, or how or
if I should upgrade. My lists under 2.1.4 are running great -- am I
missing anything significant under 2.1.6? The only problem or bug
I've found with 2.1.4 is creating a new list via the Web interface --
I always get an error. But it works fine when creating the list from
the XServe's OSX Server Admin application, so I create lists with
that and then "polish" them with the Web interface, which then works
perfectly fine.

Is there a tutorial somewhere about how to upgrade? I'm not a Unix
geek and avoid using command line stuff ... but I learn quickly if
there are good tutorials for beginners to follow. Same with scripting
-- I see numerous mentions of scripts to add functionality to
Mailman, but I don't understand how to use or access them -- can
someone point me in the right direction? The other important issue
I've got to tackle very soon is backing up my lists.



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