On 2005-08-18 23:14, Mike Hanby wrote:
Howdy, does anyone know if it's possible to secure the admin pages with an
.htaccess type security? [...]
Ex: http://www.mydomain.com/mailman/admin/mailinglist

Going to this page would pop up an Apache login prompt. If successful, then
the page would load where they would then have to log in using mailman's
"List Administrator Password".
You could use a FilesMatch directive to restrict access to the cgi
scripts you were interested in:

<FilesMatch (admin|admindb|create|edithtml|rmlist)>
AuthName "Mailman"
require valid-user

(Or a LocationMatch directive in your Apache configuration.)


P.S. Your message might get more attention if you sent a new message
to the mailing list rather than hijacking an existing thread (as you
did by replying to a different message and simply changing the
subject). People that browse the list by thread might not see your
message the way you have done it.

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