We've got an issue with our data/ dir getting quite large due to a large
number of held messages waiting for admin attention. Since we have a fair
number of lists with almost as many admins I'm looking for a solution
that will automatically prune down the held messages.

Reading through the FAQ I found this entry that talking about deleting all
held messages for a specific list.


This isn't quite what I'm looking for because I do not want to remove ALL
message, just messages that have been sitting around unattended for a long
period of time.

At the end of that FAQ there is mention of a third party patch that allows
you to specify how many days to hold pending messages and to automatically
discard when they expires.

I'm a bit wary of using a third party patch since I don't want to
introduce possible complications related to upgrades or lag if there were
to be a security issue with mailman itself. I do see that this patch is
supposedly a revamp of another solution that runs from cron, but it has
not been developed in a couple years.

Is anyone else having this issue and are you using this patch or some
other solution to solve this? Is there a way to solve this problem in
the more recent versions of Mailman that I am not seeing?

Thank you.

Matthew Ruzicka - Systems Administrator
Front Range Internet, Inc.
matt at frii.net - (970) 212-0728

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