I have a user who uses a custom system for tracking and maintaining their
subscriber list through their web site and have decided to use Mailman to
distribute their newsletter. The user is paranoid about their users
receiving junk to the list (a result of a bad majordomo experience in the
past) so they are manually installing their list of about 4000 addresses,
sending their monthly newsletter, and then removing their list of

The question I have is, how long does that list of addresses need to stay
in the system after mailman receives the message to post and it starts

Looking in my logs I see that batches of messages are taking some time to
be sent, but has mailman already decided who all it is going to send to as
soon as it receives the post or does it run through the list of addresses
in its database as it is sending out batches of messages?

If this is more of an MTA issue, we are using Postfix as the MTA, but does
Mailman send the full list of addresses to Postfix for it to decide how to
batch them?

If Mailman decides right away, either deciding on batching itself or
handing it to Postfix for batching I would think he could remove the list
of addresses soon after the message is sent (or at least as soon as he has
verified messages have started sending). If it reads live I realize the
answer will be "it can be removed when it is done", which is fine, I just
want to know which we are dealing with.

If all this is in the FAQ somewhere that I wasn't seeing I apologize.


Matthew Ruzicka - Systems Administrator
Front Range Internet, Inc.
matt at frii.net - (970) 212-0728

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