On Tue, 1 Feb 2005, Mark Sapiro wrote:

I realize the answer given in this thread (to ignore them) would "work",
but really I am more interested in getting these bounces, and more
importantly the responses to the password reminders, to the list owner so
they can address them. I'm equally as disinclined to silently trash them
as I am in taking the time to find the list they are from and forward them
to the appropriate list owner.

Am I just missing something?
Yes. The password reminder is one message to a user with passwords for
all the users subscriptions at the site.

If you want bounces to go to individual listowners, you'd have to send
one message per subscription instead of one message per user. I
suppose you could hack the code to do this if it was important enough
to you.
Maybe I'm misunderstanding your response, but all I am looking for is the
From: header being set to listname-owner for each list's members instead
of sitelist-owner to all members on the site. I prefer the one address to
each user personally.

Thinking about it now though I have to guess that the password reminders
coming from the site owner would better allow for duplicate message

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