Dear Mailman Users,

I have setup mailman on a Debian woody machine with qmail. Everything
seems to be working correctly except for a few small details. The main
issue I am having right now is detailed below. The user is attempting
to send an HTML formatted email to the list. The received email looks
nothing like the sent item, It looks like the HTML has been striped.
This puzzles me because it looks like the command it uses to strip is
lynx -dump, and lynx is not installed on the machine. I have verified
that the original message is viewable as an html message when not sent
through mailman.
How do I make HTML email arrive intact?

Many Thanks,
-David Wilson
Fastmetrics Systems Administrator.

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I've attempted several times to send an html newsletter via the Mailman
mailing list, without success.

The html newsletter transmits successfully, ie with its html intact, if
send it directly through Outlook Express.

The newsletter itself (in attached file) is less than 60K. I increased
memory to 200K just in case, but the newsletter was still transmitted as
plain text and image attachments.

My current content filtering settings are as follows:

(1) Should Mailman filter the content of list traffic according to the
settings below?: NO

(2) (filter_mime_types) Remove msg. attachments that have a matching
type: (set to BLANK - nothing in the text box)

(3) (pass_mime_types) Remove msg. attachments that don't have a matching
content type (again set to BLANK - nothing in the text box) -

(4) Should Mailman convert text/html parts to plain text? This
happens after MIME attachments have been stripped: NO

(5) Action to take when a message matches th e content filtering rules:

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