I've been running mailing lists (currently about 40 of them) for more than
six years using Macjordomo as the list server, SIMS as the mail server,
currently running on an old Mac 7600/OS 9.1 on a DSL connection with static
IP. But for several reasons, I need to make some significant changes as far
as the list server is concerned, and Mailman seems to have everything I

Except I need some help to get started. I'd prefer running Mailman on my own
server rather than use another provider. What kind of hardware power do I
need for Mailman? Some of my lists generate as many as 100 messages a day to
600 or more subscribers -- not a huge amount, but not insignificant either.
On average I deliver somewhere between 75,000 and 150,000 individual
messages/day. I'm considering one of these three choices for hardware:

- I have a beige Mac G3/300 capable of running OSX 10.2.5 that
I could dedicate to Mailman -- but I'm wondering if that's
powerful enough for my needs?

- I could buy a new eMac G4/700 for under $1,000 (I'd really like
to stay under $1,000 if I have to buy a new machine), also
running OSX 10.2.5.

- I could buy a PC running Linux (?) -- which I know nothing
about, but I guess it's not impossible to learn <G>. I've got a
spare monitor I could use, and I assume I could buy a machine
for under $1,000?

Which would you recommend? (I'm a long-time Mac user -- since 1985 -- and am
very comfortable working in the Macintosh environment, so I'd prefer running
Mailman on a Mac if that's not too unreasonable or disadvantageous. But I'm
open to other options.)

Also, I've downloaded the Mailman software, read through most of the install
documentation and the online FAQ, and although I know enough to set up and
run Macjordomo, SIMS, and do things like design and maintain my own Web
sites, the Install file of Mailman is very intimidating to me and I'm over
my head, I'm afraid ... so I'm wondering if it's possible to hire someone to
install Mailman for me, and assuming it is, what would be a reasonable cost
to expect to pay for installation? Once Mailman is installed and running, I
expect to be able to create, configure and manage my lists without much (if
any) further help.

Oh, one other possible option ... I lease space on several UNIX servers for
Web sites with a few dozen different domains -- would running Mailman on one
of those be a possibility? I have shell access but can't do things like
restart the server on my own (I don't have physical access to those

Thanks for any help you can offer.


P.S. Thanks to Kathleen Weber, if she's still on the list, for her post in
the archives on installing Mailman on a Mac running OSX -- very encouraging
(if also a little intimidating) <G>.
Bob Bergey -- 215-527-1048 -- Perkasie, PA <mailto:bob at bergey.net>
Internet Services for the Printing Industry <http://www.printweb.org/>
Web Hosting & E-Mail Services: BERGEY.NET <http://www.bergey.net/>

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