I wrote:
I've seen this mentioned on a number of Ensim lists, it just won't
work with anything over 755. When I get far enough it matters, I'll dig
into it more.

Jon said:
Interesting, because I remember using UID and GID's that were in the 1000+
range for the chroot (but that was six months ago so I could just be
Sorry, I did not quote enough to get context. The issue here is not
the GID's but the permissions on directories that run CGI. As far as I can
tell Ensim will not run CGI if the directory or script has permissions over
755. This conflicts with what mailman wants. Will changing the
permissions on the mailman cgi-bin to 755 kill mail man?
- su as the local chrooted user that runs the webserver (generally the
admin of the chroot)
- run the admin cgi from the command line: ~mailman/cgi-gin/admin

This should dump out the source of a web-page to the command line (like when
you look at a web-page and click on "View Source". It's a simple check. If
that works then your Mailman install is working fine and the problems must
be in the Chroot web-server setup.
Ah, another problem. 'Mailman expected the CGI wrapper script to be
executed as group "apache", but
the system's web server executed the CGI script as group "admin". ' That I
can fix by rerunning configure .... I think!

That plain Red Hat box is looking cheaper and cheaper!

Don't mess with me, I know how to change my laser printer from stun to kill!
<>< Paul

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