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Before I switched to MM 2.07, Konqueror 1.9.8 was still working with MM 2.06
(whether with little difficulties)
There was no cookie decoding failure.
I would like to know, why "Konqueror" have this problem ?
Are there other browsers which got the same trouble ?
I have tried it with "Netscape", "MS-Explorer" and "Lynx".
Each of them is working without repine.

Every new Konqueror version seems to bring advanced
Konqueror 1.9.8 seems to have less problems then 2.2.1.
2.2.1 don't works together with mailman any longer.
(in as much as I have tried it, *waul*)

Maybe botchy Konq. settings, but what should it be ?
Yet another botchy browser ? -- I don't know.
Every hint will be thankful received.

- oliver

this error seems only to occur in in conjunction with "Konqueror".
I have now serval problems with this browser and Mailman.
Because every browser (including "lynx") I have tried, is working
perfectly with MM, I think this is a "Konqueror"-problem.

Anyhow, if you know something about it, please let me know.

Aftter updating from 2.06 to 2.07 I get strong problems with the
administrative interface of all lists (old and new).
I can't submit any data to the administrative interface. I always receive
the message:

"error decoding authorization cookie"

The login is the only thing which still works.
If I choose any option I get the named message.

Listinfo works and the the usual stuff seems to work to.

- oliver

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