I just read both your posts. I haven't run qmail in a number of
years. This is mainly because it's got usability problems, and
postfix doesn't... both are essentially the same when it comes to
performance and security. I'd recommend you switch to postfix if you
can; Mailman is known to work very well with it.

If that isn't an option, than hopefully someone else here can help.

I think switching to majordomo isn't going to be much of a help; I've
heard that majordomo + qmail is far worse than Mailman + qmail.
However, it may be that it's better documented.

As for a comparison between Mailman and majordomo, I don't think I've
seen a good one. The biggest difference is that Mailman comes with a
lot of end-user oriented services integrated, such as the web
interface, archiving, etc. There are extensions for majordomo for
most of those things, but you'll have to find and install them all.
You're also not likely to see a web interface that is as good as

On Tue, Feb 13, 2001 at 04:19:07PM -0500, Casey Allen Shobe wrote:

Due to the problems that I've had with Mailman and my inability to fix
them, I'm probably going to use Majordomo instead. But I was wondering if
there are any advantages of using Mailman. Is there a comprehensive
comparison somewhere?


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