On Sat, Jan 07, 2012 at 03:25:06PM +0100, "Marc Manthey (macbroadcast ?)" wrote:
Most of us are subscribted to several mailinglists, forums , irc and
using socialmedia sites like facebook and/ or twitter.

Would?nt it be a great idea if there was a mailman plugin whitch post
automaticily to a facebook fanpage/profile or group
or s special twitter account to share this information ?
I'm not convined that a plugin is needed (for Mailman 2); more
third-party functionality; perhaps something that could be integrated
within MM3, though (http://code.google.com/p/python-tumblr/ exists:
I've not used it, and passwords rather than tokens puts me off it.)

One of my instances use something based on


to get from list -> blog.

I'd imagine that something could similarily post to facebook/twitter,
maybe linkedin, using their APIs: a problem could be formatting,
though. I think, really, those are best handled as complimentary to
the email.
Right now i go the the mailinglist archive of mailman, find the message i
would like to share, use an url shortener of my choice , keep the
headline and tweet it.
That could all be done through a (cron'd) script. An exercise, left
down to the reader :o)
Would?nt it be cool if this would be automated ? Is there a way todo
this or are you guys planing something like this in the future ?
If I wanted to tweet, automatically, I'd use cron, or if feeling
perverse, even procmail/an action in a sieve filter.

For Wordpress, we use the email -> blog feature, and tidy-up manually
(which takes a bit of time: I've often wondered if it would be quicker
to do manually).

For Facebook, it'd probably be easier to syndicate the content from
elsewhere, or do it via the API (which seems to change each time I
have to dip in to it).

I've not had a reason/want to use the LinkedIn API.

If I were doing this now, I'd just use Tumblr:

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