On Wed, Apr 27, 2011 at 12:02:58AM -0400, Terri Oda wrote:
I hope you'll all join me in welcoming our new Google Summer of Code
Awesome news.
* Benedict Stein (benste on IRC) will be working to complete the GSoC
work Anna did last summer on the django-based web UI for Mailman 3.0.
'Complete' sounds interesting. Is that pretty achievable? I can't
believe it's almost been a year.
* Drew Rodman will be converting pipermail to use SQL (rather than
pickles) for storing data and creating an upgrade script to help users
migrate their archives to the new format. He's even hoping to get
Stable URLs working by the end of the summer!
Was the plan to use SQLite? Or the choices (and it should be a
choice) of MySQL / Postgres?
* Dushyant Bansal (dushyant on IRC) will be working on the interface of
the archives, integrating work from Yian and Priya's GSoC projects last
summer and getting it all ready to go for Mailman 3. Nifty.
I'm really excited to have all these great projects and great students!
You're not the only one.
While the students do have a set of official mentors (Barry, Florian,
Anna and me), you're all encouraged to help out throughout the summer.
The end goal is to have some fully integrated awesomeness, so don't be
shy if you've got questions, suggestions, etc.

My suggestions from last year are still pertinent ;o)

If you've been lurking here wondering how to get involved with Mailman
3, now might be a great time: we've got mentors who've already set aside
time to be involved this summer, and we've got students who could
benefit from having more people involved in development effort over the
next few months. For example, we discovered while our students were
writing patches that we don't have a great description of the Mailman 3
install process, so if you want to install it and write up your
experiences on the wiki (or just in a blog post we can link to!), that's
a great place to start!
Is it too early to start thinking about Operating System/Distro
packagers/maintainers, for MM3?

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