In https://bugs.python.org/issue21192, I changed the label from a constant


to a more imformative

=============================== RESTART Shell =========================
====================== RUN C:\Programs\Python34\tem.py =================
'output from tem.py'

Raymond Hettinger, in a message near the end, after the ACKS commit,
says that some people found the change 'confusing'. I've posted a patch
to change the above to

=============================== RESTART: Shell =========================
================ RESTART: C:\Programs\Python34\tem.py =================
'output from tem.py'

Any bikeshed opinions before I commit this?

When I did the original patch I was not thinking about
a) When running Idle in one process with -n, 'Run Module F5' does not
restart the shell, but rather, it runs the file in the current session.
b) We might want to add the ability to do this (Run in Session) even
when running with a subprocess. I have thought of this before, but
msg249045, 3 days ago, on the remove -n issue
brought it back to mind.

Terry Jan Reedy

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