Random thoughts on the Generic Operating System Services chapter of
the library guide: http://docs.python.org/dev/library/allos.html

* There are four sections that are very long and complex, nesting down
to four levels: argparse, optparse, logging, and ctypes. Should any
of them become chapters of their own?

logging and ctypes seem like the most plausible ones to move. We
could move argparse/optparse/getopt into a chapter by themselves,
but that wouldn't reduce the nesting depth at all.

* The usual rationale for the ordering is from more widely used
modules to more esoteric or little-used. Should we therefore move
optparse to follow getopt instead of preceding it?

* I thought we were going to add a warning to the optparse docs
suggesting people use argparse instead. Shall I go ahead and write
that, or was it decided to not do that?


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