On 7 September 2015 at 02:09, Marcus Smith wrote:
One thought that comes to mind is how to present specs that deal with
formats and artifacts that persist for years.

For example, down the road when there's Wheel 2.0, what's the "Current
Specs" for wheel?

I would describe 2.0 is the "Latest" spec, but "Current Specs" includes all
versions we're attempting to support, so we'd want the "Current Specs" page
to easily show all the versions, and not have to dig them out from version
control or something, right?

Yes, but I think that's easy enough to handle by having a default URL
that always goes to the latest version of the spec, and moving
previous versions to URLs that include the version number.


Nick Coghlan | ncoghlan at gmail.com | Brisbane, Australia

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