Jeff Hinrichs - DM&T wrote:
Is it the lack of a tabbed interface? I just upgraded and am looking at it now.

* It's different. Find & replace is a frequent, no-look operation for
which I have keystroke sequences in muscle memory.

* It's ugly. I can't really justify this one, but it just doesn't look
nice to me.

* The funny tri-state check-box they use for Match Case is a
non-standard UI element. from internet import lecture

* Having "Replace in files" as an option alongside all the others makes
me nervous. I know they support undo, I'd just rather have it separate.

It all amounts to a big change in the way I work, like stubbing my toe
every time I go through the workshop. I might eventually get used to
it, but for now I have work to do and I would love to have the option of
using the old dialog.

ActiveState got right back to me with an email asking for more detail on
my complaint, which I provided :) Also, note this quote:

Since all of the code for Find & Replace is available in Open Komodo
(http://www.openkomodo.com/), it should be possible to create an
extension which makes Komodo use the old dialog for find and replace

So, there's hope. I asked them if they would whip up a quick
(unofficial) plugin themselves, which I would be happy to help test and
maintain. They're thinkin' about it.


On Fri, Mar 7, 2008 at 11:00 AM, Christian Long
I use Komodo for my IDE. In 4.3 they introduced a new, unpleasant Find
& Replace dialog. Netroots to the rescue! If this concerns you, please
sign my petition.

Petition to restore the Find and Replace dialog in ActiveState Komodo

I'll be lobbying at Pycon. Can I wear a sandwich board in the hotel?


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