On Tue, Aug 27, 2013 at 11:47:45AM +0200, damien clochard wrote:
Hi !

I got confused this morning while looking for a subscribe form for a
particular psql-* mailing list.

Here's the scenario:

1- I go to: http://www.postgresql.org/community/lists/

2- I click on archives first because I want to check the content of the
list I am interested in before subscribing and because I am told "Before
posting to a list, you may wish to search the archives." :)

3- Now I am here : http://www.postgresql.org/list/ and from this page
there's no simple way to go back to the subscribe form. The sub-menu on
the left has changed (why ?) and the subscribe link disappeared.
From the archives, the best way to accomplish is to click on "community"
in the navbar and then go back in the mailing list section to subscribe.

Basically I think it should be easier to subscribe from the archives.
Maybe just put back the subscribe item in the sub menu of
http://www.postgresql.org/list/ or add a specific subscribe link next to
each mailing list name.
Yes, this needs work. Basically, the first URL you show has:

  Mailing Lists

When you click on "Archives", "Subscribe" disappears, which is certainly
odd. When you click on "Subscribe", "Archives" does not disappear.

I have discussed this with Magnus, and I think he said that area
needs work.

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