The 8.2 release will be going out around 22:00 UTC on
December 5th, if it's
not held up by any last-minute RC bugs. This means that
we'll need to
uphold the following schedule:
Can't recall if someone spoke out on this already, but..

December 5th
10:00 UTC (or earlier): source and windows binaries on the FTP master.
17:00 UTC (no earler): new home page, press kits, and press
faq applied to website master.
I can be aruond for this, and at least do the press-stuff. If someone
else is around at the same time and want to do beta pages and stuff,
let's just coord on IM/IRC.
20:00 UTC: community announcement approved for News,
-announce 22:00 UTC: press release goes out
Not sure if I can be around this time - and at this time we also need
someone to do quick-fixes if something is broken. Apart fromt he
approval stuff there, that Josh can handle. In case something happens...


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