I think it is unreasonable to expect people to keep seperate blogs.
Except for my family, my life *is* pretty much PostgreSQL. Thus many
things that don't seem relevant to some, may seem relevant
to others.
I, as a geek + business person, will blog very directly
about topics
that do not to you seem relevant because I am not talking about
TRUNCATE or FOREIGN KEYS. However, to a person trying to derive a
profit from PostgreSQL, they may be relevant.

Also it is relevant that my daughter got the flu, because
it is likely
that I now may get the flu and thus will effect the things that I do
for the community for a short time. It is also relevant because
Darcy's daughter also got the flu, and thus he can
empathize with the
current situation (this example is just and example btw).
A simple answer would be to simply filter what we display on
the front page of the site. istm there is no reason why we
cannot a) restrict the articles shown to only those from
specific authors, and b) restrict the articles from those
authors to ones in specifc categories.
Filter for (a) implemented and tested.
Filter for (b) we can't do, since planet doesn't export it. THat
restriction has to be done at the planet level.

That way, if Joshua wants to post a useful howto, he can do
so, and categorise it under 'PostgreSQL' to have it show up
on the front page of the site. If he wants to blog about his
pet cats latest antics then he can categorise under 'Family'
which won't show up on the front page.
Yes, but that requires him to use categories on his blog, which he says
is too much work :-) But we can now filter his entire blog (or that of
others), which might be an incentive.

There is some valuable stuff on planetpostgresql, it would be
good to include it if we can.

Ok. The large majority of the people who have said something are clearly
for this one. I haev implemented this filter to help mitigate the main
issue brought forward by the people opposed.

Given this, unless someone screams loudly with what's actual new
information, I will commit this change later tonight.


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