Based on suggestions from Simon (mainly) and a few others,
I've put up
a suggestion for a new layout on the frontpage that shows some more
stuff than before. It's up on http://magnus-master.pgadmin.org/.

Note: The planetpostgresql header currently reads "support us"
pending new image-files from Tom ;-)
I'm not happy about posting planetpostgresql on the front
page. That gives random individuals unchecked (until after
the fact) access to post on the front page. Seeing that
Devrim has in fact in the past resisted making
planetpostgresql.org into planet.postgresql.org to keep the
efforts unrelated, that seems contradictory. What is the
rationale for making this change?
The rationale is that there is a lot of good articles posted there that
would get promoted to the frontpage. Such as the PWN, but that's just
one of many examples. It also "brings life" to the page because there is
a list of content that actually changes reasonably often.

While it's certainly not "random individuals", you definitly have a
point in that it's unchecked.


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