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Oh, and would someone remove the QNX faq mention on this web page:



Simon Riggs wrote:
The various ports and FAQs are fairly confusing, I note.

- AIX FAQ could do with some work, its long with lots of As and not
many Qs, so its hard to understand what its telling you. But it
clearly works, judging by the build farm. Sorry to criticise when
there's such a wealth of detail there.

- HP/UX FAQ mentions rel 7.3 only and there's no build farm result,
but I'm wondering whether some eagle-eyed hacker still uses it, or
whether this port has fallen into disuse?

- IRIX FAQ mentions rel 7.2, which we really ought to
mention is not
supported anymore in the FAQ, or remove it.

- MINGW/Windows FAQ claims to be the FAQ for "Native
Win32", which is
interesting because the Windows FAQ says that as well...

- QNX FAQ doesn't exist at all; real-time is a thing of the past

- SCO FAQ's title is FAQ for 7.3, then starts with
explaining how 8.0
works with UnixWare. I see warthog running HEAD on UnixWare
nicely, so
there's some updating required there.

- Solaris FAQ - I found some DTrace docs... cool

It would be just great if we could have a link from the
area to the buildfarm, with an encouragement to see for themselves
whether their desired release works well on their chosen platform.
All that grand work should be shouted about...

Many people's questions will be does it work with Linux
Flavour X, so
we should send them straight to the buildfarm to answer
their own query.
It would be good if the FAQ page could be renamed "FAQ and
Port Status"
Simon Riggs
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