There's, IMHO, absolutely no need to fit the entire frontpage above
the fold as it is now.
Not sure what you mean
I guess it's originally a magazine term, referring to the part of the
frontpage that is above the fold when the magazine is folder. For
webpages, it's often used to refer to the parts that show on the screen
without scrolling.

We only need to fit the most important parts for new/casual visitors,
which is latest version and latest news.
*most important parts* surely includes latest events as well?
No, I don't think so, really. Specifically,it's ok if just the header
shows above the fold, since people will then know to scroll.

General comments:

I'm not sure if my analysis of what is happening with the
events section got lost in the noise? Events are appearing on
the home page with insufficient time to book them, sometimes
as little as 1 day. That wasn't the case when the current
design was thought out; it is now. News mostly stays news
whenever you read it - that isn't true for the events.
Nope, not lost for me. I fully understand the problem.

New/casual visitors are exactly the audience that we want to
attract to events, especially the ones like Devrim's or my
planned event that are information sessions for PostgreSQL
newbies. New/casuals cannot see events further than a few
days ahead and they have no visual clue to indicate that
there are any others. That seems pretty much guaranteed to
lower attendance at events, which is bad for PostgreSQL.
Right. That's the argument for splitting apart "events" and "training".
Which is done in the db, just not visually on the page.

Do we have any figures to confirm/deny that? Clickthru rates
on events on main page vs events on secondary event page?
No, we don't count web stats for performance reasons. It kept killing
our servers..

My main point was not Home Page redesign, I think its very
good. I'm happy to make the Home Page less busy, but not at
the expense of important information. IMHO "less busy" is a
qualitative judgement, not a measurement. I'm discussing
measurable effects on our advocacy efforts.
Wlel, looking at the page now, it could probably be rearranged for more
efficient usage. And there is at least one thing I'd like to see
promoted to the frontpage - the planetpg RSS feed which gets a lot of
good articles and the PWN.

One does not rule out the other though :-)


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