plus a small
indicator that shows how many events are not displayed
(simply use
some text to show how many others there are e.g. "37
more" rather
than "more").
The above makes sense, I just don't see the point of the
more events
on the page. As much as making it more obvious where to
click to see a
whole page of events.

I would actually like to see "less" as a whole on the front page.
I'm somewhat loath do suggest this, but I think it would be a
good way to deal with this...

What about some kind of flash/javascript magic that will
rotate through multiple events on the front page? Not rotate
per page view, but rotate like every 5 seconds.
If we go flash, I will retire from the webteam effective immediately.
But feel free to whip up a proposal :-P

And I really don't see the need for javascript either, but I can agree
with a need to show a few more events. Specifically, I still like that
idea about splitting apart training events and other events. AFAIK the
holdup for that one is that someone has to get us a copy of the font
needed to make headers...

There's, IMHO, absolutely no need to fit the entire frontpage above the
fold as it is now. We only need to fit the most important parts for
new/casual visitors, which is latest version and latest news.

What's the argument for showing less on the frontpage?


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