By popular demand, I have built and released a new RPM set. Here's the
Announcing the PostgreSQL 6.5.3-2 RPM set.

This RPM set is primarily a bugfix RPM set that fixes the following
problems and adds the following features:

* Insecure permissions on /var/lib/pgsql (PGDATA) -- was set for 755,
now is 700;

* Insecure permissions on /usr/lib/pgsql/backup -- was set for 755, now
is 700 -- while this is nowhere near as severe a hole as the one with
PGDATA, nonetheless any local user could access the backup copy of your
PGDATA tree if you upgraded from a previous major version of PostgreSQL.

* The PostgreSQL-HOWTO was mispackaged in the 6.5.3-1 RPM set. The
6.5.3-2 RPM set omits this HOWTO altogether due to inaccuracies and
nonsense in the HOWTO (read it for yourself on to see what
I mean);

* By popular demand, two versions of the RPMs are now packaged -- one
with locale support enabled, and one without locale support. The
non-locale RPMs have a 'nl' after the 6.5.3-2. These nl-RPMs improve
performance of the backend under certain circumstances;

* Further improvements to the README.rpm documentation have been made,
thanks to user feedback.
------------------------ , as always. I expect they will
be up on in a few days.

Lamar Owen
WGCR Internet Radio
1 Peter 4:11

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