ok, but i dont have unixware i have SCO Open Server 5.0.4
dont know the differences,you?

On Wed, 25 Aug 1999, Billy G. Allie wrote:

Sean Mitchell wrote:
Hi Marco...

I'm also a newbie with Postgres....

I tried compiling postgres on SCO Unixware with no luck. There's nothing in
any docs I found to suggest that anyone has done this. However, for your
OS/2 client problem, you might try the EMX suite of tools. I used them years
ago in my OS/2 days to compile unix stuff with some success. I can only
imagine they've gotten better since then.

What version of UnixWare and what development platform.

I have successfully compiled postgresql on UnixWare 7.x with the UDK. In the
past I have successfully compiled on UnixWare 2.x with the delevopment kit
that came with 2.x.

BTW: PostgreSQL will compile out of the box with UnixWare 7.x and the UDK. I
nolonger have an active UnixWare 2.x system to test on, so I can't say if
it still works.
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