Summary: Can't create indicies on type "timestamp"
Problem Description:
Whenever I try to create an index that includes a "timestamp"
field, I get this error:
ERROR: Can't find a default operator class for type 1296.
This prevents me from using the timestamp type altogether.
Big bummer. I like PostgreSQL, but I'm thinking of
switching to Sybase's free Linux server.
*shrug* Go fer it dude! But you might want to RTFM before switching ;)
foo=> create table foo1 (ts timestamp);
foo=> create index foo1_idx on foo1 (ts);
ERROR: Can't find a default operator class for type 1296.
The current timestamp type is *not* well supported. You should be
using the "datetime" type, which will become the "timestamp" type
sometime soon. In fact, it should probably happen for the next
release. I'd been waiting for a *major* release to make this switch,
but it doesn't seem worth the wait.

Check the chapter on "Data Types" in the User's Guide for pointers on
the date/time types.

Good luck.

- Thomas

Thomas Lockhart lockhart@alumni.caltech.edu
South Pasadena, California

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