"Randall Lucas" <rlucas@tercent.com> writes:
I dug in a bit more. It turns out that the Apple process of
transferring my data over from my old box transferred my
Fink-installed UNIX apps, including PostgreSQL 8.1.
And the contents of /sw/bin, no doubt?
When I blow away /sw/bin/awk, so that make uses /usr/bin/awk instead,
I get a make that executes perfectly and a make check with "All 114
tests passed."
Comments are most welcome here before I move over to the GNU awk list
and start accusing pretty much the oldest program in existence of
being broken ...
Given that we've never heard the like from anyone else, I think that
(1) accusations against the upstream gawk maintainers seem misplaced,
and (2) there's not anything wrong with that Makefile item either.

I believe the most likely theory is that your copy of /sw/bin/awk
got corrupted during the transfer from your old machine, and the
second most likely theory is that the executable is bitwise the same
but it doesn't play nice with the system libraries on your new box,
and the third is that there was something wrong with that specific
Fink-port build (though if so, it should have failed on your old
machine too). In any case it sounds like a very local problem.

regards, tom lane

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