I'm interesting in using PostgreSQL as an integrated database that will
be deployed on thousands of systems. The system will run on Windows so
we are also considering Microsoft's MSDE which although limited in terms
of database size and performance for more than 5 concurrent session is a
reasonable fit with what we want to do. I'd like to use PostgreSQL based
on its better scalability and claimed better performance.

A few months ago I tried installing over CYGWIN. This is not an option
for us based on the complexity of the install. The installation was
different on every machine I tried it on. Performance yielded roughly
800 rows per second on the ODBC test app I created. MSDE performance was
1200 rows per second based on the same test app.

Recently I downloaded a beta version of the native windows port.
Installation was a breeze so my concerns regarding installation were put
to rest. However, performance using my test app was roughly 15 - 20
records per second. This is 400 times SLOWER than PostgreSQL over
CYGWIN. What is going on here? There is no way I consider using this
unless performance is close to the CYGWIN install. I was expecting a
significant increase in performance, not a decrease.

Colin Blair.

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