At 07.27 23/11/01 +0000, Levi Senft wrote:
I've searched several faqs and news groups, tried using different
./configure options. Tried tweaking src/Makefile.shlib as discribed in
several usenet posts that I've found on I've tried
following the instructions in the SCO specific faq and I can't get past
the following error message:

"fd.c", line 286: error: undefined symbol: NOFILE

I'm wondering if there are any fixes\patches\hacks that work reliably,
since I can't seem to find anything that works, or interpret and
implement what I've read into something that works. If any one was any
"definitive" instructions, or perhaps can give a more complete
description of what the problem is and what needs to be done to solve
it, perhaps a "to-do list". Although I haven't looked at the code yet I
did see a couple of people mention that they tweaked fd.c, however I
couldn't find any listings of what the tweaked.

Any help is greatly appreciated, I don't know if anyone has volunteered
their SCO OpenServer 5.0.6 as a guinea pig, but I'm open to that as an
I've modified the include/port/sco.h with

#ifndef NOFILE

Roberto Fichera.

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