Hi there,

i want to port a SQL database engine to the Agenda VR3 Linux PDA, this is a
the first pda based on linux which comes to the market.

storing the data in .txt tables is quite nice, but, if you need large
databases, it´s a pain (sorting/indexing/jump in the file a.s.o.), so, if MS
can port SQL2000 to the WinCE devices, the linux group should be able to do
this also!

I want to do the port, the problem is, i don´t know anything about the
source, on such a little Device, i think we don´t need this stuff:

the smaller the memory/overload footprint is, the better is the program, in
my mind i see the postgresql database as one of the default apps on this
device and EVERY program can easily access data by the sql engine!

we don´t need to have security, no user validation
i don´t think we will need transactions
i believe we only need ONE database (maybe the PostGREsql Engine can
automaticaly add the name of the application which creates the database as a
prefix to the tablename, so no table can be twice created :)
we should keep the cache as low as possible

on the agenda side we have until now the following languages:

for this languages we should have access to postgresql

i hope on help

best regards

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