On Sun, Apr 22, 2001 at 01:12:29PM +0200, Peter Eisentraut wrote:
In the port Makefile you have

CONFIGURE_ARGS= --enable-syslog \
--disable-rpath \
--with-CXX \
--datadir="${PREFIX}/share/examples/postgresql" \

Firstly, POSTGRESDIR doesn't do anything, you want to use the --prefix
option. (This is done automatically, so in consequence you can just
remove this.) Secondly, configure should pick up -lcurses automatically
when it needs it (which it probably doesn't).
Hmm. I think that might be a relic from the 7.0.3 port - but I will
check. There is some underlying magic somewhere that used to need
this. Maybe that went when we removed the patches to locate the libs
under libs/pgsql. --prefix is set automatically I agree.

The -lcurses is however *very* important at the moment. The (new
import of the) readline library is found, but ./configure does not
then link with -lcurses which is uses (for tgetent I believe). This
I don't know why you set --datadir the way you do, but note that datadir
does not contain any examples. In a full installation, datadir contains
files required for initdb, pgaccess, the JDBC driver, and some *.sql
files. You probably just want to leave off this option, which will give
you the right default.
Hmm. Good point. What we should do is do the fake install and then
move the examples being installed to the "current" default datadir
and then use the PLIST to copy those to the right place. pgaccess
is a problem as to what to do with is, given it appears to be an
entire package in itself. See below for comments re tcl, but one
solution maybe to create another SUBPACKAGE that is pgaccess only,
and then only if the tcl FLAVOR is selected.
Later in Makefile


This is probably a relict from the past.
I do not do tcl, and I do not think Brandon does either. We tested the
port to build the tcl flavor(s) and they seem to work. Once someone
(you maybe ?) offers to verify what the tcl flavor does, the quicker
we get shot of any problems.
CONFIGURE_ARGS+= --with-openssl=/etc

I don't think you install OpenSSL under /etc.
Work around for poor GNU configure / autoconf assumtptions. OpenBSD
ships with OpenSSL 0.9.6 installed in the system directories and the
ssl certs etc. in /etc/ssl. There is no way to say "enable ssl with a
config directory of /etc/ssl" except this one without patching.

No, you want to use gmake install DESTDIR=/else/where. POSTGRESDIR
doesn't do anything.
Seems to work find, but I see your point. Another one for the pile.
@cd ${WRKSRC}/doc && \
${MAKE_PROGRAM} PGDOCS="${PREFIX}/share/doc/postgresql" all
${INSTALL_DATA} ${WRKSRC}/doc/*.ps* ${PREFIX}/share/doc/postgresql

The documentation is installed by default, there is no need to do anything
special. *.ps files are not shipped in the tarball, you need to download
them separately if you want them.
This might be a relic too, I will take a look. For reference, the port
uses the full tarball sources but the non -docs SUBPACKAGE does
not install documentation (the html and internals.ps files).
That's it. Nice work.
Thanks, and thanks for the comments. I am taking a couple of days rest
from the port, my head is seeing too many Makefiles.

Peter Galbavy
Knowledge Matters Ltd

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