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Thanks to Brandon Palmer (with some help from myself) PostgreSQL
7.1 is now in the OpenBSD ports tree. It made it in just before the
2.9 tree lock and should, all willing, make it onto the 2.9 CD's
(around June) as a binary package.

Anyone who uses OpenBSD and PostgreSQL should be aware of the following,

1. The package is designed to work with the upcoming 2.9 release
and not 2.8. If you are using 2.8-stable, please stick to 7.0.3 for
now or read the notes below about usernames. `postgresql' package
users will not get support from the maintainers on 2.8 systems -
sorry, time is not that available. Also, the binary package will
*not* work as OpenBSD shared library versions have been updated and
are not backward binary compatible.

2. The package name is now `postgresql' and not `pgsql' - the installer
(pkg_add) will spot conflicts between the two though.

3. The suggested administrative username is `postgresql' to match the package
name. This is not hardwired anywhere, and you may continue using the old
suggestion of `pgsql'.

4. You must backup and restore your data as per normal PostgreSQL procedures.

5. The default data directory is now /var/postgresql.

6. The `pgwrap' utility is no longer shipped or supported.

If any users of the package have any OpenBSD or package specific
queries, please contact either myself <peter.galbavy@knowledge.com>
or Brandon Palmer <bpalmer@crimelabs.net>.

Finally, a great big hug and thank you to the PostgreSQL developers
for making 7.1 happen.

Peter Galbavy
Knowledge Matters Ltd

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