On 17/05/13 12:06, Tomas Vondra wrote:
On 16.5.2013 16:46, Cuong Hoang wrote:

Pro for the master server. I'm aware of write cache issue on SSDs in
case of power loss. However, our hosting provider doesn't offer any
other choices of SSD drives with supercapacitor. To minimise risk, we
will also set up another RAID 10 SAS in streaming replication mode. For
our application, a few seconds of data loss is acceptable.
Streaming replication allows zero data loss if used in synchronous mode.
I'm not sure synchronous replication is really an option here as it will
slow the master down to spinning disk io speeds, unless the standby is
configured with SSDs as well - which probably defeats the purpose of
this setup.

On the other hand, if the system is so loaded that a pure SAS (spinning
drive) solution can't keen up, then the standby lag may get to be way
more than a few seconds...which means look out for huge data loss.

I'd be inclined to apply more leverage to hosting provider to source
SSDs suitable for your needs, or change hosting providers.



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