On 21/03/13 13:44, David Rees wrote:
On Thu, Mar 14, 2013 at 4:37 PM, David Boreham wrote:
You might want to evaluate the performance you can achieve with a single-SSD
(use several for capacity by all means) before considering a RAID card + SSD
Again I bet it depends on the application but our experience with the older
Intel 710 series is that their performance out-runs the CPU, at least under
our PG workload.
How many people are using a single enterprise grade SSD for production
without RAID? I've had a few consumer grade SSDs brick themselves -
but are the enterprise grade SSDs, like the new Intel S3700 which you
can get in sizes up to 800GB, reliable enough to run as a single drive
without RAID1? The performance of one is definitely good enough for
most medium sized workloads without the complexity of a BBU RAID and
multiple spinning disks...
If you are using Intel S3700 or 710's you can certainly use a pair setup
in software RAID1 (so avoiding the need for RAID cards and BBU etc).

I'd certainly feel happier with 2 drives :-) . However, a setup using
replication with a number of hosts - each with a single SSD is going to
be ok.



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