dan@sidhe.org escribió:
where libinstance.libdate <= 1238445044
and libinstance.enddate > 1238445044
and libinstance.libinstanceid = libobject.libinstanceid
and libinstance.architecture = ?
How are you generating the explain? My bet is that you're just
substituting a literal in the architecture condition, but if the driver
is smart then maybe it's preparating the query beforehand. You'll get a
different plan in that case.
I don't think so. Perl's DBI is involved, but the statement's in a
variable. The code in question is:

if ($db->{debug}) {
$db->debug("SQL is: $sql\n");
my $rows = $db->{dbh}->selectall_arrayref("explain analyze $sql",
undef, $db->{arch},
foreach my $row (@$rows) {
$db->debug(join(" ", @$row). "\n");
$db->debug_stamp("Initial query done\n");

$rows = $db->{dbh}->selectall_arrayref($sql,
undef, $db->{arch},

There's no transform of the sql variable between the two statements, just
a quick loop over the returned rows from the explain analyze to print them
out. (I did try to make sure that the debugging bits were done the same
way as the mainline code, but I may have bobbled something)


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