On Fri, Aug 16, 2013 at 11:02:47AM +0200, Athanasios Kostopoulos wrote:
Dear list,
I am trying to understand the format of pg_dump -l 's output
specifically let's examine the following line
16118; 1262 5499023 DATABASE - vourtsis postgres

I understand that 16118 is an index value and the rest is a FYI information
I am not sure in my example what 1262 and 5499023 are
I understand that DATABASE indicates the type of what has been backed up
vourtsis is the name of the object and postgres the owner, but I still have no
idea about the first 2 numbers once the comment starts. I am trying to
programmatically get (and subsequently sort) the sizes of what is contained
within the backup.
I don't see any -l option for pg_dump. Do you mean pg_restore -l?

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