Keith Ouellette wrote:

I am using the trigger file capability to "promote" the Slave in
the event that the Master fails.
when the former Master comes back on line, is there a way to make
it a slave (adding the recovery.conf file) without restarting the
PostgreSQL process? I currently do this with a restart, which
works well, but we are using Pacemaker and the PostgreSQL
resource goes away and takes the node down until it comes up. We
would rather the node not go down if possible.
That's confusing -- if the master node fails, how can it still be

Once you fail over, you should take care that the old master node
is good and truly down until it can be started as a slave.  You
will need to copy from the new master to the node which is to be
the new slave before you do that. And yes, add the recovery.conf.


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