Thangalin writes:
The following code works as expected, returning two columns of data (a row
number and a valid value):
The following code does not work as expected; the first column is a row
number, the second column is NULL.
I think the problem is that you're assuming "amount" will refer to a
table column of the query, when actually it's a local variable of the
plpgsql function. The second interpretation will take precedence unless
you qualify the column reference with the table's name/alias.

(BTW, PG 9.0 will throw an error by default when there's an ambiguity of
this type.)
My second question is tangentially related: how do you use PREPARE inside of
a stored procedure?
There is no need to use PREPARE, because every SQL query in plpgsql is
effectively prepared automatically.

regards, tom lane

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