On 2010-06-04, Jayadevan M wrote:
Hello all,
We recently migrated one of our products from Oracle to EnterpriseDB's
Advanced Server.
I bet Oracle is pleased to retain you as a customer :)
The Oracle database has tables with BLOB data type. One
example is a column where we store html templates. The product has a
feature to send e-mails and the templates are stored as html files in the
blob column, one html template per record in the table. We do a SELECT
against the column and it works fine (in Oracle). During migration, the
migration studio ended up creating BYTEA columns on the PostgreSQL side (I
am not sure if that is the correct mapping).
if the columns don't containd the byte 0 or other sequences thar are invalid
text the "text" type might have been better.

Anyway now the application,
when it tries to query those columns, throws errors.
com.edb.util.PSQLException: Bad long: Hello
at com.edb.jdbc2.AbstractJdbc2ResultSet.toLong
at com.edb.jdbc2.AbstractJdbc2ResultSet.getLong
at com.edb.jdbc3.Jdbc3ResultSet.getBlob
at com.edb.jdbc2.AbstractJdbc2ResultSet.getBlob
at com.p6spy.engine.spy.P6ResultSet.getBlob
at weblogic.jdbc.wrapper.ResultSet.getBlob(ResultSet.java:279)
looks like a JDBC problem.
By the way, the html template is directly stored in the column (as it was
in Oracle). To change that would mean making a lot of changes in quite a
few tables/columns. We tried changing the column type to TEXT and still
got errors. Any suggestions?
try the jdbc mailing list.
This is what the data content looks like
select cnt from cmntmpmst limit 1;
<font face="Arial">....
I hope that's not supposed to be XHTML.

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