I thought that at first, but there are only a half dozen or so people on
the system. So I would have taken a gap of 3-4 of 'transactions in
progress', but the 33 gap is far too big for that - unless its a caching
issue. I have had no reports of missing data though (and the numbers on
the physical data would seem to echo that it's all ok - ie the 52 rec is
pre crash by about 2-3 mins and the 85 rec is just after the restart).
Typically these tables increase by 30-50 rows a day - so a gap of 33 is
a whole days worth!

I've checked the code this morning and can only find 2 sets of inserts
into the tables in question - one in the manual entry and one in a batch
process. So I checked the batches around that time and nothing was
Totally stumped. I could also have taken 'corruption' on one of the
sequences, but I must have 5 sequences (all related tables in this area)
that all exhibit the same 33 gap. I'm obviously missing something
obvious here, but I just can't see it.

PS the version of PostgreSQL is a bit old - its an 8.0.3
On Tue, 2008-04-15 at 05:47 -0400, Sean Davis wrote:
On Tue, Apr 15, 2008 at 4:21 AM, Steve T wrote:

Is it possible for a whole set of sequences to suddenly 'jump'?

I have a set of claims tables that cover the claim itself, the customer,
contact points etc. Yesterday there was a power failure and the server
suffered an immediate power outage. When the server came back, everything
seemed fine, apart from the fact that the claim related sequences had all
jumped and left a gap of 33 (last was 52 before power failure, next one
allocated after power failure 85). This seems consistent across all the
tables related to the claim (it may be across the tables in the database -
I haven't checked all of them as yet).

Does this sound feasible and if so, what is the cause?
One explanation: if there were uncommitted transactions at the time of
the power failure, the sequence would have been advanced, but the
corresponding rows would not have entered the database.


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