Mija Lee writes:
We've had a number of odd things that have been going on that I can't
really explain, and that don't seem to result in log entries. Here's
some info:
- this is running 8.2.4 on a solaris 10 machine
- I reran the dump after posting and these problems did not reoccur
- We have a number of replicated schemas and tables on this server.
There were other problems with the replication that happened earlier in
the evening.
Hmm, are you using Slony? If so, you ought to take this to the Slony
mailing lists. There are various restrictions in Slony on what it
assumes can be done to a replicated table, and I believe that things
like what you are seeing are one of the possible consequences of
breaking Slony's expectations. That's about as far as my knowledge
goes though.

regards, tom lane

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