My usual way of getting around this problem involves doing a pg_dump
of the database, deleting the database, re-creating the database, and
then repopulating it. For example, if there was a database named
bunny, I'd do the following:

dropdb bunny
createdb bunny
psql bunny < bunny_backup_dump


On Sep 27, 2006, at 8:13 AM, Felipe Giotto wrote:


I know this is a extremely novice question :D, but I'm trying to
use a simple command to backup an entire database to a file, and
then restore the entire database from the file, overwriting all the
previously data stored on the old database. I tried pg_dump and
pg_restore (i can't remember the parameters right now), but
pg_restore always returns an error about primary key violations.
Can anybody tell me two commands to backup and restore my databases
without these key violation problems?

Thanks for the help!

Felipe Giotto ;-)

PS: Sorry for my poor english!! :D

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