Thank you so much. I changed devfrances to host in the pg_hba.conf file and
it worked. I thought "host" was a placeholder and I needed to put in an
actual machine name/ip. Thank you also for the link. I didn't see that the
first time around.

Frances Collier

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I am guessing that entering devfrances you are entering a dns hostname of
the machine to allow connections - this is what would replace the address but dns hostnames are not supported in pg_hba.conf. You
can enter a network such as to allow anyone in the local
network to connect.

You must enter host at the start of the line not the dns hostname of the
machine you want to allow a connection from.

If you read the top of the pg_hba.conf file you will find the first column
refers to the type of connection - accepted values are :-

A local connection is a client connection from the same machine as the
server. The host connections refer to clients connecting from another
machine over tcp.

So a line like
host all all password
Would allow a connection to any database using any login username from the
machine at using password authentication.

You can use the hostssl and hostnossl to specify that the connection from
that machine must use an ssl connection or cannot connect with an ssl

Provides the full documentation on these settings.

On 19/4/2006 8:49, "Frances Collier" wrote:

Hello All,

I am attempting to access postgresql on another machine through PGAdmin III.
I filled out the defaults in the "New Server Registration" dialog and when
I hit "OK" I get an error stating "Error connecting to the server: FATAL:
missing or erroneous pg_hba.conf file HINT: See server log for details."

The log file states that I have an invalid entry...
The pg_hba.conf looks like the following:

#IPV4 local connections:
host all all md5
devfrances all all password

Note: I've also tried changing the devfrances to "..." and "...md5" and "...trust"

I've read all the documentation I can find on this particular setup and as
far as I can tell, I am not doing anything wrong. Any ideas?

Thank you,
Frances Collier

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