Hi there,
I am a newbie, trying to move a pg db from PostgreSQL 7.13 on
RedHat 7.3 to PostgreSQL 7.42 on FreeBSD 4.9. The db has one table with
32,000 rows, each containing a blob. The blobs range in size from 2K to
about 300K. The entire backup .tar file is just over 3GB.

I first tried to restore using the folloing command:
pg_restore -d athena backup.tar

It ran for a while (creating all the table defs) and the I got the
following messages:
pg_restore: ERROR: literal carriage return found in data.

So, I had some bad carriage returns. I found an answer at
(http://forums.devshed.com/archive/t-99865), which suggested using sed
to fix the carriage returns. I did that, creating backup2.tar. The
problem is, when I now run the following command (after recreating the
db athena):
pg_restore -d athena backup2.tar

I get this reply _immediately_:
pg_restore: [archiver] out of memory

This happens so fast that I'm pretty sure the restore hasn't even
*started*. So, I'm not sure how it has run out of memory. This is on a
P4 2.8 GHz system with a 2GB swap and 1GB RAM.

I can restore all the other tables individually with backups to sql
and imports, but the blob table is the most important table in the db.
I've spent about 8 hours trolling through Google and mailing lists. Any
suggestions as to how I can find out more information on my problem?

Thanks in advance for your help,
Chris McCormick

PS - If I can't get this working myself, I'd be willing to pay someone
to figure it out. What would be a reasonable amount to expect to pay
for this kind of troubleshooting?

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