Temporarily disable the triggers on that table and then re-enable them
afterwards. The trick is to set pg_class.reltriggers = 0 to disable and
then restore it to the correct number of triggers afterward. Play with
pg_restore or search the recent (last month) archives for more on this.
If you give pg_restore enough information it will disable triggers oduring
the load. You'd want to read that for an example of the correct SQL. Also,
I posted last month two functions to disable/enable all non-system
triggers in on swell foop. Look in the archives for that.

Joshua b. Jore
On Mon, 15 Apr 2002, Rob wrote:

Hi all,

I've got a column in one of my tables that references another column in
another table
i.e. barcode REFERENCES product(barcode)

Is there a way to drop this referential integrity for a while and then
reinstate it?


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