From: Tom Lane <>
"Gene Sokolov" <> writes:
Seems like there is (was) a leak of file descriptors somewhere. The
descriptors are being used up like crazy.
I fixed some problems along that line during the 6.5 cycle, and thought
the issue closed. Perhaps the problem's come back.
After a week of work on a small
database (6 tables, 20 or so indexes) Postgres used up well over 800
Hmm, there must be multiple descriptors open for the same file then?
That's really weird. Can you obtain a listing of just what is open,
using lsof or some similar tool? Even better, can you provide a
reproducible test case that will cause descriptor leakage?
We disconnected all clients and the number of descriptors dropped from 800
to about 200, which is reasonable. We currently have 3 connections and ~300
used descriptors. The "lsof -u postgres" is attached. It seems ok except for
a large number of open /dev/null. If I hit the problem again, I'll collect
the list of open descriptors.
Also, exactly what do you mean by "Postgres used up..." --- is this
one backend, or a total across the whole system (if so, how many
backends are we talking about here?).
1 postmaster, 4-5 backends. If I understand correctly, that is: 1 connection
== 1 backend.

Gene Sokolov

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