Mark Hollomon wrote:

The Hermit Hacker wrote:

I've tried GNATs, and didn't really like it...its worked effectively at
FreeBSD, but...

Ouch, JitterBug looks painful :(

I'm willing to install either, but I think that GNATs, from what I'm used
to of it, is the better one, since it allows for email based bug
So does JitterBug.
How about W3PDB? http://www.bawue.de/~mergl/export/w3pdb-0.20.tar.gz

It was written by Edmund Mergl and uses PostgreSQL + Apache to provide
a GNATS-like database enabled problem tracking system. I'm using
WWWGNATS which is very dated but was the best Open Source option 5
years or so ago. I looked at moving from GNATS to W3PDB but haven't
had the time. Looked promising though.

There's also bugzilla. http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/


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