I implemented (well, ported) the bug tracking system we use at
Be. It is Apache/PHP/Postgres and seems to be working just fine with about
22,000 records. I would be willing to modify it and set it up, but am
currently lacking somewhat in bandwidth. I may be lacking in hardware
depending on the amount of traffic.
Presumably the long-term hosting would be most conveniently done at
hub.org (which hosts the Postgres project). scrappy has great
bandwidth and the accessibility has (almost) always been very good,
even if it *is* housed in some trapper's cabin in the Great White

I'm sure that access (an account, etc) can be arranged once we settle
on the system to try first. Does the BeOS system have an external
interface we can look at, or is it only used in-house? I should point
out that you're the first person to actually offer to do the work with
a concrete proposal, which is what we'll need to get anything going ;)

- Thomas

Thomas Lockhart lockhart@alumni.caltech.edu
South Pasadena, California

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