On Tue, 29 Jun 1999, Fred Wilson Horch wrote:


Not sure if this is the right place to request this, but here are some
things I, as a satisfied user of PostgreSQL, would like to see done (and
I'd be glad to help where I can). All of these are just suggestions
geared to the care and feeding of the PostgreSQL user community.

1. Update the comparison chart at
http://www.postgresql.org/comp-comparison.html. This is important for
those of us who must justify our choice of PostgreSQL to clients,
supervisors or funding agencies. Suggestion: add Informix and MySQL and
drop BeagleSQL and MiniSQL.
MySQL is *not* an RDBMS...our comparision chart compares RDBMSs...
2. Post a schedule for future releases. This is important for those of
us who want to know when -- if ever -- we can start to consider
PostgreSQL as a solution for projects that require features that are not
yet part of PostgreSQL (e.g. replication), and when we should think
about upgrading our PostgreSQL installations. It is also crucial to let
prospective users know that Postgres is under active development. I
know there is a todo list somewhere but I think the schedule needs to be
more prominent on the web site.
'scheduales' are *generally* accepted as being 3 months of development
plus 1 of testing, so a 4 month release scheduale. More realistically,
its slightly longer, with this one being the most "out of sync" yet, but
alot of good came out of that, IMHO...
3. Fix the PostgreSQL user gallery (linked from
Working on it...

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