I've posted a tarball of the new standalone psqlODBC code at
... I'm afraid the above name might
"scare" off people who think that it is only for PostgreSQL v6.4.
If its not too much trouble can you just drop the 6.4 (leave in
beta of course).

The only thing I'm certain of is that this code is an exact copy of the
code currently in the v6.4beta cvs source tree. It isn't
psqlodbc-025beta since it is out _after_ Byron's v025 official release.
Don't know what Byron's next release will be called, and don't know for
certain that this source code will be identical to what Byron would call
his next beta. We're not quite to that point yet.

Perhaps there has been enough discussion of this on the lists that there
won't be confusion for the next couple of weeks, after which v6.4 will
be released and Byron will probably have a new WIN32-verified zipball.

In the meantime, to be clear:

The tarball on the postgres ftp site can be used for a Unix client to
talk to any existing v6.2, v6.3, and v6.4beta Postgres installation with
no other files or tarballs required. It's been tested under Linux, and
might have a prayer for FreeBSD and Solaris. Not certain about other
clients or about pre-v6.2 servers, but perhaps
http://www.insightdist.com/ has some mention about the server versions.
Almost certainly the source code itself says which versions it will play
with. Other clients _should_ work, they just haven't been tested and the
installation info may need to be tweaked.

The zipball on the insightdist ftp site can be used for a WIN32 client
to access the same set of server versions as above.

The two "codeballs" will likely be remerged soon.

- Tom

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